Personal · 1 November 2021

I was Irish all along

Guess who’s officially Irish! Woohoo!

Throughout my childhood I was convinced that – because I was born in Ireland – I was Irish. My parents told me that no, they were English so I was English.

The English government agreed with them. But, it also turns out that the Irish government agrees with me. Simply by being born in Ireland, I am an Irish citizen. About ten weeks ago, I decided to test whether I’d understood that right, and applied for an Irish passport. And my Irish passport turned up today 🙂

I lived in Ireland for the first five years of my life, and I mourned leaving it for the next 20, so now I feel… idk, vindicated, I suppose. Like the land of my birth actually wants me, as I wanted it.

Anyway, I’m punching the air for two important reasons

  1. I’m back in the EU, baby!
  2. I always said I was Irish, and it turns out I actually am, and that is doing something to soothe a grief that’s almost as old as I am.