Cover Art

I also do cover art, banners, promo material, websites etc. If you have a book cover or a banner you need resizing, I can do that. No job too small.

My rates are UK minimum wage per hour + cost of the photos used. If you provide your own photos, it’s just the cost of my labour at UK minimum wage, which-as of April 2023 is £10.43 per hour.

This means if you come in with your own photos and a very definite idea of what you want to see, and you’re happy with the font and text layout first time, a cover could be as cheap as £10.43. (An unlikely scenario, tbh.)

If you aren’t sure what you want, and I have to spend hours looking through stock photos and coming up with ideas, and the photos you have your heart set on are expensive, and you keep asking for alternate concepts, then it could be a lot more.

Drop me a line on and we’ll discuss it.