Permaculture · 28 April 2020

Eco Festival for the self-isolated

This looks like a blast: Sustainable(ish) Festival

Come and join us for a week long celebration of all things Sustainable(ish)! 🌈Want to make some sustainable(ish) changes and do your bit for the planet but not sure where to start?

🌈Feel like you’ve been doing quite well when it comes to eco stuff but you’ve been knocked a little off course by covid-19?

🌈Want some ideas of easy eco changes you can make without leaving home? Come and join us! It’ll be just like Glasto but with cleaner toilets (depending on your motivation to clean during a global pandemic), less mud, fewer (no) tents, music solely of your own choosing, and a lot more personal space.

OK, so it will be nothing like Glasto (which may come as a relief to many of you 🙋‍♀️). But I think it will be pretty cool. –

When: 11th-15th May –

Where: Online – enjoy from the comfort of your home (which is useful as we can’t really go anywhere else right now) –

What: A celebration of all things Sustainable(ish)! There’ll be masterclasses, panel discussions, tutorials and more. –

Who: All welcome! Whether you’re a complete beginner wondering where to start, or a bona-fide eco hero.