My three sides:

Sutton Masque, or – as Coton like to call us – ‘the Fenland Bogies.’

Official website and Facebook page

I am a founder member of Sutton Masque, the first mixed side I managed to find in the Fens. As the kit person for Sutton Masque I designed our new t-shirt when the commercial one with the Brian Froud artwork became unavailable. You would not believe how difficult it is to find a green man image that comes even close to Brian Froud’s work.

Coton Morris (Originally Coton Morris Men)

As you can see, when I joined (as a musician) they were a male-only side, and I played the whistle for them for many years before they went mixed in 2018. At which point I became a dancer with them as well.

Coton’s unique website (don’t believe a word of it) appears to be down at the moment, but here is their Facebook. Coton are a Cotswold morris side with a Border morris attitude (but don’t tell Ken I said that.)

Ely and Littleport Riot

The Riot, as we call ourselves were the first side I joined when we moved to the Fens, because they were the only side that would have me at the time. (They still don’t know I’m nonbinary, and if they did they wouldn’t know what it meant.)

The Riot too are now mixed and allow dancers to wear trousers! Shocking!